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Raine & Horne Business Brokers Victoria is the sole office in the group selling businesses in Victoria.

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Raine & Horne North Melbourne

Address: 221 Victoria st, West Melbourne VIC 3003

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About Us

Our History

The doors of Raine & Horne, Australia’s iconic property firm was first opened by real estate pioneers, Tom Raine and Joseph Horne in 1883.

What sets Raine & Horne apart from other real estate companies is the iron-clad set of business practices that have been maintained to the present day – the unwavering commitment to providing personalised service and meeting a client’s property needs across leasing, sales, property management and consulting services for all types of property.

Raine & Horne initially operated from Wentworth Court, Elizabeth Street in Sydney. By the 1970’s, the Raine & Horne network stretched across Sydney, through the drive and enthusiasm of the company patriarch, Max Raine.

More opportunities unfolded as the Raine & Horne Board decided that the company would become the second property group to pursue a franchising business model. This proved a major turning point for Raine & Horne. The company opened its first franchised office, Raine & Horne Liverpool NSW, 1976.

Backed by a long-standing history of service and performance, Raine & Horne has secured a respected position within the Australian property industry. Surviving world wars, busts, booms and depressions, the company consistently achieves high-quality outcomes. Today, Raine & Horne has offices in  VIC, WA, TAS, NT, QLD and ACT and has expanded globally.

Raine & Horne Business Brokers Victoria is the sole office in the group selling businesses in Victoria.

Corporate Profile

Raine & Horne's famous yellow and black colours are synonymous with real estate in Australia. This demonstrates the power of the Raine & Horne brand.

The Raine & Horne brand is marketed across different forms of media with millions of dollars spent every year on print, television, radio, outdoor media and e-advertising. This means any property listed with Raine & Horne is going to be noticed by a lot of potential buyers because of the brand’s wide reach and power.

The Raine & Horne brand, combined with our innovative marketing programs, is a powerful resource that can significantly increase your chances of achieving the best price for your property.

Research on public perception indicates that Raine & Horne is rated as one of Australia’s high profile real estate companies with high brand recall among buyers and sellers. The Raine & Horne brand is well-respected and represents the best in professional trust and integrity. This consistency in reputation and results helps increase the confidence of sellers and buyers as they make their way in the real estate industry.

To put it simply, people are more likely to contact a company they know rather than one they rarely heard of. This is the Raine & Horne marketing advantage. To find out how Raine & Horne’s marketing power can get you the best price for your property, give us a call today at 9226 9222. 


Property Selling

Experience and reputation

We are the largest and longest real estate franchise group in existence. We pride ourselves on our work backed by experience and a good grasp of the industry's ins and outs cultivated through the years. These, among many, are the reasons behind our unparalleled reputation and goodwill. If you choose Raine & Horne, you can be sure that our agents will do their best to give you the highest price possible for your property.


This Raine & Horne website is an innovative tool that can give the property you are selling the kind of exposure it needs. With our website’s trouble-free navigation, prospective buyers can find your property with ease.

Professional agents

We train our agents with the best selling techniques and the latest in marketing strategies. We invest in our training because we believe that to become a professional real estate agent is learned.

International capabilities

With Raine & Horne, the exposure your property will get is not limited locally. With our network of offices, your property can get the regional, national and even international exposure it needs in order to be sold.

Brand recognition

Our signature yellow and black colours have been synonymous with the real estate industry in Australia. When a property is listed with us, there is the assurance that it will be noticed by prospective buyers because of our brand alone and our wide market reach.

Back in our earlier years, we have anticipated that the economic landscape will change due to globalisation, and this can directly impact trends and dynamics in the real estate industry. With this anticipation came our preparation to serve our clients best by having a wide international scope. At present, we have more than 400 Raine & Horne offices serving clients from around the world.

Our global offices offer a reliable source of market and local demographic information. Our clients are able to market their property locally and internationally at a direct and cost-effective manner.

We employ only the best people and we constantly align ourself with the best international organisations. Our success truly enables us to give your property the best and widest exposure while helping you save thousands of dollars in your pocket.



Property Buying

Making an Offer

As a buyer, making an offer can be challenging. You can give your highest offer upfront or give the smallest you can offer and prepare for upward negotiations from there. You have to be open about the pros and cons of each side.

Contract of Sale

A contract of sale is needed before a seller is allowed to put a property on the market. This contract contains the terms and conditions of the sale. This will serve as your reference.

Contract Exchange

A contract of exchange is drawn when your offer has been accepted by the seller or if you were able to purchase the property from an auction. This contract of exchange is prepared by a conveyancer, a solicitor or a settlement agent.

The Deposit

A deposit of 10% of the selling price is usually required once contracts are exchanged. You will hand this 10% deposit to the seller's solicitor or settlement agent. The amount will be put in a trust account.

Cooling-Off Period

If you want to withdraw from the contract, you can do so during the cooling-off period. This period is effective 3 to 5 working days after the contract is exchanged. During this period, you can organise strata, building and pest inspections. This cooling-off period does not apply for buyers and sellers in an auction.


A property is considered settled when the balance of the property price and other adjustments have been paid and the title and transfer of documents have been exchanged. Settlement takes place 2 to 6 weeks after contracts have been signed by yourself and the seller.

State Tax

Stamp duty is a government tax paid during settlement. It is a percentage of the property's market value. The amount, however, varies according to territory or state. Ask your real estate agent about this further.

To learn more about buying and selling properties, please contact us at 9226 9222.

Career Opportunities


We believe that in being market innovators in the Australian real estate industry, it can only be achieved through commitment - commitment for our people and the culture that our business has invested in and developed.

We believe that a strong family and a valued-based culture is imperative to our future growth, which is why we understand that family, work and social life all play an integral role in our team.

Whatever role you are interested in, there is a consistent theme working for us. We work towards achieving a common goal, we take genuine pride in the work that we do, and we also thrive on challenges that shape our careers.

If you believe you can make a difference to our business and grow with us in the process, please email to us your application at

Residential Sales Agents

Our real estate office is seeking experienced sales agents to join our growing team.

The successful candidates will have the following:

- An Agents Representative Certificate
- Proven track record (Selling & Listing)
- Well Presented & Spoken
- Motivated with high level of drive to succeed
- Excellent working environment & conditions. 

If this sounds like you, please forward your resume to


All applications/enquiries treated with strictest confidence.

Facility Management

Efficiency, cost savings and continuous improvement from facility management experts


In an ideal world, real estate executives manage facilities that operate flawlessly, freeing them to focus on real estate strategies that contribute to broader business and financial goals. In reality, many spend much of their work day managing routine facility management and maintenance tasks. 

As the world’s largest facilities management company, we know that the ideal can be real. We’ve shown hundreds of the world’s best-known companies and institutions how to operate facilities with maximum efficiency, safety and employee comfort—and dramatically reduce costs in the process. Our facility management services typically show clients a 20 percent or more drop in their overall facility operating expenses.

What’s more, we expose our clients to all the best practices we’ve honed while managing office, industrial, technical, manufacturing, critical environments and one-of-a-kind facilities on five continents—often for the same company. Our facility management professionals will apply their hands-on experience to drive maximum value and efficiency in your commercial property portfolio.



Buying at Auctions

A fast and practical way to purchase a home is through auctions. Below are some pointers that can help you get a head start.

Get Pre-Approved

It is never a good idea to place a bid when you are not yet pre-approved. Getting pre-approved allows you to bid within your means since you know how much you can spend.

Read the Contract

Before a property that you want to buy goes to auction, try to get a copy of the sales contract from the real estate agent handling the property. Even before the property goes to auction, you can start doing small negotiations. Make sure though that you seek legal advice to ensure the validity of the contract.

Do Your Research

Research on different property prices and look into past & current market values to give you an idea if the property you want to buy at the auction is priced well or not. Inspect the area too. Study the location if it meets your neighbourhood requirements.

Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to consider the possibility of selling that particular property in the future. Research on the capital growth potential in store for you 5, 10 or 15 years from now.

Inspect Thoroughly

Take note of all the property’s defects you see during the inspection. Arrange for a building and pest inspection to see the actual condition of the property. What may seem like a bargain at first may not be the case in the future, especially if you need to shell out huge sums of money on remodelling and repair.

Treat it as a business deal

Treating the bidding process as a business deal is an advantage. It can help you make a clear investment decision.

For impulsive buyers who easily develop an attachment to material things, seek the help of a family member or a friend who can guide you during the bidding process. They can help you make a clear and practical decision.


Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

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Property Management

The increase in demand for private and rented housing comes the proportionate increase in investment opportunity in this sector of the real estate industry.

If you want to benefit from this opportunity, come to Raine & Horne. We are the smart and practical choice for property management services for small portfolios and individual, institutional & large-scale landlords. At present, we also provide accounting services for more than 5,000 clients in Victoria.

Our comprehensive property management services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our wealth of experience and sophisticated IT, performance reporting & full-documentation systems allow us to provide cost-effective and hassle-free property management designed to provide you maximum results.

Our residential management team delivers the following:

  • Professional communication about your investment
  • Thorough inspections to protect your investment
  • Immediate rental payments to deliver an equally immediate return on your investment

Contact us now for all your property management needs at 9226 9222.

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