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John Fuller

John Fuller


 John joined the real estate industry in 1983 and since then he has consistently been a leading performer for the agencies he has worked within Melbourne's Suburban property market.

Since 2001 he has specialised in the CBD apartment market and has received instructions to represent many of Melbourne’s more prestige city properties.

He has worked through many peaks and troughs that the real estate market has witnessed over the last 28 years and has carved a reputation in the industry as one of the more respected agents amongst his peers and is highly commended by his clients.

John realizes that his client’s properties are possibly their most valuable asset and goes about his representation of their requirements with the highest professional level of sales and marketing expertise.

John believes that although ‘property’ is the product, it is people’s lives and lifetime goals and ambitions that you are really dealing with, whether they be buyers or sellers.

To this end he adopts a more consultative approach with a high regard for his clients personal immediate and future plans.


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